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EZ White® Pro: In-Office Whitening System

EZ White® Pro: In-Office Whitening System

Are you looking for an easy way to professionally whiten your teeth in as little as 30 minutes?

The EZ White® Pro In-Office Whitening System is an innovative teeth-whitening treatment. This whitening method includes little to no sensitivity, leaving you with a smile up to 8 times brighter than before! These results are instant, and no follow-up visits are required. In just 30 minutes, you can have the smile you’ve always wanted!

This light-activated bleaching process works to effectively reduce dehydration and tooth sensitivity. This whitening treatment is extremely safe, containing hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide products that have been extensively researched by top universities and respected industry professionals.

Non-professional teeth whitening products including whitening strips, toothpastes and rinses are minimally effective in removing surface stains. For a deeper, long-lasting whitening treatment, you should consult with our knowledgeable team!