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Tips from Dr. Gates

To Swish or Not to Swish

So what's your routine? Floss, brush, spit, swish? Or maybe it's floss, swish, brush, spit, swish? Or are you more of a brush, spit, swish, floss, swish kind of person?

So much of what we do to encourage good oral health is habits—brush regularly, floss regularly, schedule dentist appointments regularly. A healthy mouth and teeth are not necessarily in the details of how you do those things, but that you do them, day in and day out.

Look Ma, No Needles!

One of the most remarkable aspects of Dr. Gates' treatment of his patients has to do with the part most patients like the least. Novocain. Injections. Shots! Modern dentistry would not be where it is today without anesthetics. But of all the compliments we get in our office, the one we hear the most is that the patient didn’t even feel the injection. That’s right. We hear it all the time.

And there is a good reason. In order for your not to feel anything, we incorporate six different elements into our technique. And because we do, you'll be one of those that say, "Did you give me a shot?" (We actually never use those words, or even anything like them, but patients do.) And we smile ever so sweetly and say, "We're not telling!"